A voodoo magic against the coronavirus: non-religious worldviews console during the crisis time

A voodoo magic against the coronavirus

There is a saying that explains that in difficult periods even atheists try to find solace in higher powers that they do not accept as a religion. “There are no atheists in the trenches,” and even people who do not believe in religion have their own set of secular worldviews that give them comfort in the most difficult times. The scientists have conducted a study called "Understanding Unbelief." Their goal was to study the worldview of unbelievers, because the science knows almost nothing about the diversity of these non-religious soothing values.

The number of unbelievers in the world is constantly growing. It is believed that the number of atheists is about 7% of the adult population of the planet. The number of unbelievers also includes the “nones." The “nones” are groups of people who believe, but deny their faith. The scientists have concluded that special dogmas support a person in difficult times, and it does not matter if they believe in God or not.

These dogmas are the basis of the theory of terrorism management. Such situation makes people only more afraid of death, because their faith in anything is violated under the fear of the conclusion "I will die anyway." This leads to additional stress and social stress. The scientists conducted a conditional survey and collected about a thousand responses from residents of the UK, the USA, the Netherlands, The Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Turkey, Brazil, Canada and Australia.

The purpose of the survey was to find out what kind of thinking dominates a person during a crisis. It turned out that in the most cases priority is given to worldviews based on science, humanism, rationalism, caring for each other and kindness. A belief in higher powers is far from the first place. In fact, even those people who consider themselves as believers say: during periods of crisis, they believe in scientific methods and in the ethical values of humanism.

And all beliefs that do not have scientific evidence are rejected by them in such cases. Today, a severe pandemic has hit the world. The scientists are working on a safe vaccine against the coronavirus. And in parallel with this, shamans, sorcerers and other charlatans are actively developing their activities. All their work comes down to personal enrichment and deception of people. Each of them promises that the virus is about to disappear, you just need to believe it.

That is, another faith appeared on the wave of COVID-19, and a huge number of people rushed to the sorcerers to find solace in their “predictions”. There is an eternal conflict between science and magicians. And it consists in the fact that science exists, but magic does not, but sorcerers and witches refuse to admit it, because the faith of those people who are drawn to them is built on that.

But there are a huge number of people who do not accept logic, and they believe in unicorns, gnomes, elves, flaunting their preferences. Today, in the battle with the coronavirus, scientists and charlatans who offer people fake miracles are almost equal. This happens almost everywhere. But it is impossible to stop the wave of discrepancies, if only for the reason that there is no legislative base restricting the actions of sorcerers or magicians. Therefore, science relies on the common sense of people and the understanding that they are being deceived for the sake of selfish gain.