Worse than COVID-19: there is a hundred times more complicated disease for the humanity than the coronavirus, it comes from the poultry farms

Worse than COVID-19: there is a hundred times more complicated disease for the humanity than the coronavirus

While the world is struggling with the pandemic, the scientists have come to the conclusion that humanity can be threatened by a disease that a hundred times harder than COVID-19. It is the acute coronavirus syndrome that can cause another outbreak of a dangerous disease, and the poultry farms can become its source. That is Michael Herschel Greger’s opinion, he is American nutrition expert.

He wrote a book that he devoted to the issue of survival in the pandemic. The scientist believes that deadly viruses can form in poultry farms, where chickens are in close contact with each other, which causes complex modifications of the virus. To prevent this, it is necessary to change the existing methods of poultry farming.

According to the Greger, by compering the consequences of typhoons and other natural disasters, mortality from COVID-19 is within one percent. But a typhoon may come, which strength will be a hundred times higher than all previous ones, and it will destroy a huge part of the planet. Civilization in its usual sense will cease to exist. Approximately the same scenario can develop in the process of a disease spread from poultry farms. The pandemic jackpot may already be in the mucous membrane of the lungs of chickens.

Currently, the COVID-19 has been detected in 6.26 million people, with over 375 thousand deaths. In recent history, that pandemic is considered as the worst. On this basis, according to Dr. Greger, the outbreak of another disease that has arisen within the poultry farms can be considered quite natural. In 1997, there was an outbreak of the bird flu in Hong Kong, and the infection spread from poultry farms.

Within a few hours, 18 people were infected and 6 of them died almost immediately. The mortality rate was incredibly high. Subsequently, similar outbreaks were repeated several times in 2003 and in 2009. And despite culling the chickens, the virus never left.

He was the first to hit a three-year-old boy in Hong Kong, whose sore throat and stomach turned into a disease that killed him within a week. After that, millions of chickens were killed in an attempt to stop the spread of the disease. Nowadays the concern of the scientists is the fact that the virus does not stand still and constantly mutates.