Estrogen is to blame for female alcoholism: but hormone fluctuations can be beneficial

Estrogen is to blame for female alcoholism

Studying the effect of alcoholic beverages on the body, the scientists came to the conclusion that the differences in the body of men and women are capable of producing alcoholic beverages. The assumption that women become addicted to alcohol much faster than men has received official confirmation once again. But that time, the researchers determined: what exactly is responsible for addiction to alcohol in the woman’s body.

The hormone estrogen is to blame. That is a special group of sex hormones that are synthesized in the body of both men and women. The only difference is that the hormone is synthesized in different quantities. For the female body, that hormone is important because it contributes the development and normal functioning of the reproductive system.

The researchers conducted a series of experiments studying the effects of alcohol on female rodents. In laboratory conditions, they found that alcohol causes fluctuations in estrogen levels, and certain levels of them have a beneficial effect on the body of mice.

Simply put, a glass of wine does no harm woman's health. But its regular use can develop into something more, for example, into excessive drunkenness or even into addiction and mental disorder. The female body is more susceptible to these processes than the male ones.

And that hormone is to blame for that. During the experiments with a mice, the scientists activated estrogen receptors in it. And then they tracked the effects of alcohol on the brain. An activation of the estrogen receptor made neurons work harder than usual by responding to the alcohol.

Activating neurons releases more dopamine and leads to a state of pleasure from drinking alcohol. The scientists then reduced the amount of the estrogen receptors. And that led to a decrease in pleasure factors in the female mice, but did not cause any changes in the organisms of the male mice.