The ancient Mayans ate corn and boiled alcohol from it: the secrets of Mesoamerica surprise the world

The ancient Mayans ate corn and boiled alcohol from it

The researchers from the University of New Mexico made an amazing discovery. The scientists studied the remains of ancient people who lived during the Mesoamerican period and found that people of that time actively used corn. That discovery has no analogues - the ancient Mayan people grew corn about 6.5 thousand years ago and used it as their main food. Today, corn is very popular. It is used in different forms: fresh, in canned form, in cereals, in chips and popcorn.

Corn is added to the production of animal feed, in cosmetics. The period of its usage is very long. But the scientists from the University of New Mexico managed to find out that corn has been helping people since earlier times than previously thought.

Anthropologist Kate Prüfer called corn the most important plant that was domesticated by humans in ancient times. Crops of corn grown around the world are very large, and in terms of consumption, it significantly exceeds the volume of rice. A recent study by scientists proved that corn was the staple food of ancient people.

Until now, there has been little information about when exactly the people living in the tropics of Central America first began to eat corn for food. But a study of the very well-preserved bone remains of people helped to find out that corn was a key product of the inhabitants of North and South America.

Its popularity was associated with a high content of carbohydrates, proteins, sugar. Corn was not only food, but also the basis for the production of sweet and, it is possible, alcoholic beverages, which were popular in Mesoamerica. According to researchers, the cult of corn influenced the history of people's lives.

Corn was a special type of currency used to measure different values. But it has become the main product for the development of agriculture and the creation of innovative agro-industrial ideas related to its cultivation. The scientists have found an evidence that corn was popular among the ancient Mayans, while in other parts of the world they did not know anything about this crop.