COVID-19 began to kill less: mortality of adults with severe forms of coronavirus decreased

COVID-19 began to kill less: mortality of adults with severe forms of coronavirus decreased

The researchers analyzed the consequences of the development of coronavirus in the human body. The pandemic caused fear of the disease. In different countries of the world, people's opinions have been divided. Some people think that the virus can cause death. Others are convinced that COVID-19 is just a fiction. But science believes that there is a disease and it is dangerous.

Since the beginning of spreading coronavirus infection, a high level of COVID-19 infection has been observed. And then high mortality was recorded. In various countries, it has been reported that older people with severe chronic diseases are more prone to death.

But recent studies have shown that mortality from COVID-19 is much lower recorded earlier. Among adult patients with severe forms of coronavirus, when people needed mechanical ventilation, the level of fatal outcomes decreased significantly.

Compared to earlier reports of 50 percent mortality, the study found that the mortality rate among critically ill patients requiring mechanical ventilation was only 35.7 percent. And about 60 percent of patients who were in poor condition on the verge of death survived and were discharged from the hospital.

Patients of different ages are reported to have been tested. These were people from 18 years old, all of them were in six different intensive care units according to the complexity of the disease process from March to April 2020 in the United States.

Experts believe that several factors could affect the results of the study, including all critically ill patients. The patients with COVID-19 in a hospital network were hospitalized in pre-existing intensive care units, which had enough equipment.