Cancer Drugs Save From COVID-19: Immunotherapy Tools Find New Use

Cancer Drugs Save From COVID-19

The scientists use cancer immunotherapy tools to identify targets for the introduction of the COVID-19 vaccine. The researchers from the National Hospital of Philadelphia drew attention to the capabilities of the tools that are used to develop antitumor immunotherapy. It turns out that they can be used to identify areas of the coronavirus. Doctors believe that the same approach that is used to elicit an immune response can be used.

That method can guarantee the delivery of the vaccine to the body, its effect and a long-term immune response. In many cases, the cancer, as the researchers note, behaves like a virus.

Therefore, experts decided to conduct an experiment and use previously developed tools to detect cancer in order to influence coronavirus with their help. Leading specialist Mark Yarmakovich was able to improve computing tools. Thus, the prioritization of viral targets was achieved.

Doctors based their work on the ability to stimulate a long-lasting immune response. It can occur in 88 percent of the world's population. That approach will provide a roadmap for vaccination. It is promised to be safe, effective and efficient.

An oncologist John Maris notes that the pandemic has led to the urgent need to develop a safe and effective vaccine that defeats a deadly disease. Cancers suggest the likelihood of areas for the introduction of the vaccine to cause the longest possible immune response.

Using that method will not only help stop the spread of the pandemic, but also arm yourself in the event of another dangerous disease.