There will be more infected people with COVID-19 in sunny days: the scientists are waiting for a surge in the disease

There will be more infected people with COVID-19 in sunny days

The scientists predict a higher rate of the coronavirus infection due to the warm sunny days. The McMaster University is studying the features of COVID-19. The researchers concluded that during the spread of the coronavirus, heat and humidity will oppose sunlight. They believe that high air temperature and relative humidity can slow the spread of COVID-19. But since the summer days have become longer, warmer, that may cause a very high level of the disease spreading.

The reason lies primarily in the fact that sunny days begin to seduce people who are on self-isolation. The quarantine mode is violated and the disease is rapidly spreading throughout the world. The scientists have studied in detail the factors of seasonal changes that can affect the spread of the disease.

It has been found that pathogens such as influenza and SARS are activated at low temperatures. But about SARS-CoV2, the agent that causes COVID-19, almost nothing is known. Antonio Paes is one of the researchers, he believes that the disease has not receded and there are many risks of infection of a large number of people.

To re-open the economy at this stage - is it dangerous or not, millions of people are asking this question. According to the researcher, restrictions on movement, which began to weaken around the world, partly depend on how SARS-CoV2 will depend on the changing season.

He and his colleagues from the Polytechnic University of Spain in Cartagena and the Federal University in Brazil calculated the climatic factors of the COVID-19 spreading in several provinces in Spain. That is one of the countries that suffered the most from the pandemic, where over 270 thousand cases were reported.

After analyzing the data on the disease spreading for 30 days and meteorological information, the scientists found that with an increase in air temperature and heat, the number of patients with the coronavirus decreased by 3%.

There is no exact data, but the researchers suggest that high temperatures reduce the viability of the virus. But in sunny days the diseas spreading increases. That is due to the fact that people violate the blocking mode and spread the infection.