Overweight pill: a new drug prevents the formation of fat and lowers blood sugar

A new drug prevents the formation of fat and lowers blood sugar

The Pennington Center for Biomedical Research has developed a new treatment for the obesity. It can not only save a person from excess weight, but also can prevent a sugar increase in blood. In a new treatment for obesity, the BAM15 protein, that acts as an energy disconnector, has been used. On thé Earth, over 650 million people are obese. Excess weight provokes the onset and development of other diseases, such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and cancerous tumors.

There are cures for obesity, but they have low effectiveness. John Kirwan, executive director of Pennington Biomedical Research, believes that only a few drugs can provide significant assistance. These may include a new protein-based drug. Obesity has become an epidemic, and new drugs are needed to stop it.

BAM15 differs from drugs for weight control in that it makes cell energy installations less effective. As a result, mitochondria burn more energy. The possibilities of the new drug do not end there. It can be used to treat diabetes, liver disease, and certain forms of cancer. Researchers conducted an experiment in laboratory rodents.

The results showed: mice treated with BAM15 did not gain weight, like their relatives who did not receive medication. Other benefits of the protein supplement include lowering blood sugar and insulin levels, regardless of how many extra pounds have been lost.

In addition, there was an improvement in the sensitivity of skeletal muscles to the effects of insulin that indicates a decrease in risk factors for the manifestation of diabetes mellitus 2 degrees.

In general, the use of a new protein preparation in laboratory conditions showed that a gradual but active decrease in the accumulation of fat in the liver, kidneys, and blood is observed. As you know, the accumulation of too much fat in the liver, kidneys or blood can damage organs and lead to heart disease. A new drug will avoid that.