Food deficiency may occur on Earth due to coronavirus

Food deficiency may occur on Earth due to coronavirus

Experts believe that coronavirus threatens not only the high mortality of sick patients but also a shortage of food. This will certainly happen if the pandemic drags on for a long time. The COVID-19 epidemic will primarily affect perishable foods. This is because people are suspended from work by quarantining them. And perishable products must be processed, weighed, packaged.

But because of quarantine, there will be no one to do this. Then a shortage of staple foods may occur. European governments are ready to support farmers and agricultural producers. They will ensure the delivery of products from fields and farms to markets and retail chains.

Planning researchers said there is no reason to panic today. But the risk of food insecurity over long pandemic periods cannot be avoided. During a pandemic, it is imperative to monitor the food situation. The main products are now formed in four main areas: grain, fruits, vegetables, and legumes.

The price of them is changing every day. This is affected by supply and demand. For example, the price of rice and wheat over the past month has had minor changes. Experts believe that these changes are associated with increased demand.

But as soon as the situation with the coronavirus changes and the pandemic declines, the pricing policy will be more stable, as will the demand for products, supplies and production of goods. The demand for essential products is caused by the concern of people that because of the coronavirus they will be forced to stay at home.

The quarantine provides fines for violation of the regime, and many people pre-stock food in order not to leave the house during the quarantine period. And this situation creates excitement, higher prices for goods and the perceived risk of food security in case the pandemic lasts a long time.