A gargling is helpful to the COVID-19: the virus is initially most active in the throat

A gargling is helpful to the COVID-19

In what ways, except for winning, is it possible to facilitate the flow of coronavirus with severe symptoms? The scientists from around the world are looking for different options. The specialists from the Chang Gung University College of Medicine in Taiwan believe that one of the simplest methods that is well known to everyone will significantly alleviate the condition during the course of the disease.

A gargling during the coronavirus has many positive effects. The researchers have confirmed that assumption with the results of their experiment. It revealed that the virus is active in the first days of infection.

A dangerous infection begins to spread throughout the body, causing fever, coughing and other symptoms. It was during the period when the SARS-CoV-2 virus was most active in the throat. During the study, the scientists found that regular rinsing of the throat with plain water and saline helps significantly reduce the viral load and the severity of the disease in the future.

The researchers noted that among the patients diagnosed with the coronavirus, viral loads were very high in oropharyngeal swabs that were taken in the first week of the illness. Peak loads on that part of the body occurred on the fourth day.

It allowed to determine the presence of coronavirus infection not only by smear, but also to use the traditional method for those cases when a sore throat - to gargle it. The researchers in Germany have found that in the early days of an infection, the virus is easily detected by smear.

They also succeeded in establishing by genome sequencing that the virus that is present in the patient’s throat is different from the virus present in the lungs of the same patient. It is assumed that the virus somehow adapts to the tissues of different organs.

But the scientists from China have a different opinion. They are sure that the virus in the throat indicates a severe case and a severe course of the disease. Powerful preventive measures still remain medical masks, social distance, frequent hand washing. And with the first symptoms of the virus, you should definitely add a gargeling.