Coronavirus mutates: a dominant strain infects a large number of people

Coronavirus mutates: a dominant strain infects

The strain of the dominant coronavirus that created the pandemic, according to the researchers, is the most virulent version. The scientists found out in the study that the modified strain infects far more people than its very first version, that appeared in China. The current mutation is considered as the most transmitted between people, but science has not yet been proven.

Anthony Fauci, a leading specialist at the American Medical Association, believes that there is only one mutational form. It gives a high viral load. The scientists do not have data on whether this form is worse for a person or not.

The researchers at the Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico and Duke University in North Carolina have named the current strain of the virus "D614G." It makes a powerful change in the protein located on the surface of the virus.

The virus uses this protein to enter human cells for infection. Using the possibilities of gene editing, the scientists analyzed the condition of almost 1000 patients who were diagnosed with the Covid-19. It turned out that their bodies became significantly more viral particles, but the severity of the degree of the disease remained unchanged.

Laboratory tests showed that a mutated strain is able to infect people 3-6 times more. The researchers consider that option to be a pandemic. Nathan Grabeau, a virologist at the Yale School of Public Health, says it needs to be carefully checked for this version.

The virus can mutate further, creating new foci of the disease that can form into a pandemic. To date, the scientists are not sure that they know all the details about the coronavirus, its capabilities and extent of coverage.