Black raspberry kills allergies: eating berries heals a diseased skin

Black raspberry kills allergies

The researchers have found that regular consumption of black raspberries helps to reduce the inflammatory processes that are associated with allergic manifestations on the skin. A diet high in black raspberries reduces inflammation from contact hypersensitivity - a condition that causes redness and inflammation of the skin. Often, doctors prescribe steroids to patients with allergic reactions to improve the skin integument.

But they can be replaced with a simple use of black raspberries. The researchers at Ohio State University are investigating that. A leading specialist Steve Ogumu spoke about laboratory experiments involving laboratory mice.

Black raspberries were included in their diet. Berries were not given another control group of mice. Three weeks later, rodents from the first group were given allergens to form contact hypersensitivity, that manifests itself in edema of the ear.

They then measured the decrease in edema by comparing the ears of each mouse. It turned out that in those who were fed black raspberries, the edema was significantly less than in those in whose diet the berries were not added.

According to the researchers, black raspberries are able to modulate dendritic cells, which act as messengers for the body's immune system. They inform the immune system of the need to activate allergy protection or not.

The experts advise black raspberries not to be confused with blackberries, although there is an external resemblance. The scientific name for this berry is: blackberry raspberry. It really has a dark color, and it can be mistaken for raspberries.

But in fact, this is a completely different plant, in which there are even more useful substances than in traditional red raspberries.