Coronavirus is transmitted by air: hundreds of doctors require WHO to recognize that fact

Coronavirus is transmitted by air

An international group of scientists officially declares that the coronavirus can be transmitted by air. 239 specialists from 32 countries are preparing an appeal to the World Health Organization, proposing to revise recommendations for the spread of the coronavirus infection based on the facts of the movement of the virus infection by the air. In a few days, the letter will be publicly published.

It will contain an evidence that confirms the assumption of the experts about the movement of the coronavirus particles through the air and thereby contribute to the mass infection of people. WHO previously found that the COVID-19 is a disease caused by a new coronavirus infection.

That dangerous disease is transmitted mainly by airborne droplets; the virus actively spreads through sneezing and coughing. Most actively, its distribution is associated with personal contacts and indirect contacts with surfaces located in the immediate vicinity of an infected person.

The scientists believe that the ability of the virus to move by the air suggests that it infects people with a 99% chance of sneezing. But moving the virus in space can be an important factor in responding. It is possible that in that case, masks will be needed regardless of social distance.

However, the WHO representatives believe that the assumptions of the scientists are not true. Benedetta Allegranzi, a WHO Technical Director for Infection Control, said there was still a lack of compelling evidence for the airborne version.

It may be possible and even probable, but not supported by any clear evidence. According to the Johns Hopkins University database, more than 11 million cases of the COVID-19 have been recorded since the start of the pandemic. Ans there are 530 thousand deaths.