Neanderthals ate squid and they were good fishermen

Neanderthals ate squid and they were good fishermen

The food ration of our distant ancestors consisted of seafood. Neanderthals ate squid and were very fond of fish, crabs and seals. Previously, It was believed that ancient people did not eat food from the sea. But a new study argues otherwise. Neanderthals living in the territory of modern Portugal during the last Ice Age got involved in fishing. And in this occupation they were not inferior to modern fishermen.

The diet of the ancient Iberians consisted of crabs, fish, birds, dolphins, seals. This diet makes an ancient man closer to a modern man. Science could not imagine that such a thing was possible. But the evidence was found during excavations in the Figueira Brava cave in Portugal.

Archaeologists have found household waste that was collected in a cave about 80-100 thousand years ago. Among the waste there were bones of marine animals, shells. Neanderthals ate them, although it was believed that the main food for them at that time was deer and goats. Scientists believe that the marine diet helped develop the brain of an ancient person.

Fish, crabs and other marine products are high in fatty acids, especially omega-3s. Fatty acids stimulate brain development. The eating habits of Neanderthals helped to create cognitive behaviors of modern people. Scientists say that discoveries about the nutrition of Neanderthals have given knowledge about the evolution of the culture of ancient man.

Interest in fishing as a source of food has continued today. People catch fish to eat it. Our ancestors behaved the same way. To bring prey from the coast to the settlement, Neanderthals used baskets made of tree branches.

For many years, the ability to obtain food from the sea was considered a trait of a man of the later historical period. Scientists believed that Neanderthals did not eat fish and did not know how to catch it. Nowadays, science knows about the new eating habits of an early man.