COVID-19 mortality is reduced by fermented vegetables: scientists have found a way to defeat the disease

COVID-19 mortality is reduced by fermented vegetables

A new study, conducted by a group of scientists from around the world, revealed a strange relationship between the fermented vegetables and the mortality rate from the pandemic. It turns out that regular consumption of fermented vegetables reduces the mortality rate from the coronavirus. The experts called the results of the study intriguing. The reason is that in countries where the traditional eating habits are rich in fermented vegetables, the death rate from the spreading virus is indeed lower.

One of the researchers, Jean Busquet, together with his colleagues, came to the conclusion that a diet using a large number of fermented vegetables can create a reduced level of mortality rates from the COVID-19 within different countries.

On the example of one country where the results have already been approved, one can use such a diet in other countries, making the use of fermented vegetables high. Now, referring to the results of the study, the scientists confidently say that the relationship between mortality from the coronavirus and the consumption of fermented vegetables confirms the hypothesis previously made by science.

The study of that topic will be continued in other studies. Perhaps the COVID-19 will be the first epidemic among the infectious diseases when the biological mechanisms associated with the loss of the biological characteristics are involved.

Significant changes in the human microbiome could cause the immune system not to be able to cope with the coronavirus, and the level of deaths was very high. But since the outbreak of the disease in China, the level of the number of infected, as well as the number of deaths, within different countries are completely different.

And scientists began to speculate why this is happening. In some cases, they took into account the climatic features, in others - the level of the medicine, and in the third - especially the nutrition and the lifestyle.