Chocolate is good for heart: it protects heart muscle from disease and aging

Chocolate is good for heart

The experts from the European Society of Cardiology concluded that chocolate is healthy for the heart. Recent studies have shown that chocolate helps to keep the blood vessels of the heart strong and healthy. Eating good quality chocolate at least once a week can lower a risk of any heart disease. Chayakrit Krittanavong, a leading researcher at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, noted that the study showed a high effect of chocolate on the blood vessels of the heart.

Previous clinical studies have shown that chocolate is beneficial for high blood pressure. Now, other details of the chocolate's benefits have become clear. It consists in a beneficial effect on the blood vessels.

The scientists conducted an analysis of the studies of the past 50 years. All of them were related to the study of the connection observed between the consumption of chocolate and blockage of the coronary arteries. The researchers analyzed the results of six early studies that involved over 336,000 people who regularly consume chocolate.

Doctors had been observing them for almost 9 years. 14,000 participants developed coronary artery disease. 4,667 people had heart attacks when coronary artery disease progressed. Comparing the frequency of consuming chocolate, the researchers concluded that eating chocolate more than once a week reduced the risk of coronary heart disease by 8%.

According to the researchers, chocolate contains heart-healthy nutrients such as flavonoids, methylxanthines, polyphenols, and stearic acid. They all work together to reduce inflammation and raise good cholesterol. The authors of the study drew attention to the fact that they did not study any specific type of chocolate, portion size, time of its consumption.