Pandemic is changing people's lives: scientists presented model of planet in five years

Pandemic is changing people's lives

The scientists from the University of Chicago have compiled a video project entitled "COVID 2025: Our World in the Next 5 Years". As part of the project, they presented how the pandemic will change humanity, international relations, education, urban life and many other aspects in the coming years. Emily Landon, who is a leading infectious disease expert at the University of Chicago, believes the pandemic has already significantly changed the public's view of the health.

According to the experts, it is necessary to create a reliable frontal protection against possible future repetitions using a tracking system that is integrated into mobile devices. Healthcare facilities will need to rethink how they use personal protective equipment, leveraging telemedicine to expand healthcare capabilities.

In the future, a just health care system must be built on unconditional trust in experts and health professionals in order to comply with sanitary norms and rules to combat future epidemics.

Luis Bettencourt, who is a senior researcher at the University of Chicago, believes that the pandemic has forced a rethink of all the complex life-support systems of large cities. This kind of X-ray provided a complex picture of the differences between areas, the possibility of using protective equipment and medical care in them, and providing food.

Today, the scientific world, based on the data obtained as a result of the coronavirus epidemic, draws conclusions about what goals and ideas can help politicians and officials to improve the conditions of infrastructure, public health, and human development.

The pandemic has shown how fragile international relations are. Countries are drifting apart for protection and quarantine, without taking steps to jointly fight the disease. The deplorable state of the economy as a result of the epidemic could have a profound impact on the global economy for years to come.