Dementia can be prevented by changing risk factors

Dementia can be prevented by changing risk factors

The scientists concluded that dementia can be delayed, and even prevented, by changing the 12 risk factors. It must be done throughout life. The proposed option, developed by the scientists, agreed with 28 of the world's leading experts on dementia. They added three new risk factors to the list of major effects on the body that cause dementia. These include: excessive alcohol consumption, air pollution and head injuries in middle age.

Previously, there were 9 factors that were considered as dominant in the onset of dementia. All of them were approved by an international commission of experts in 2017. These include: a lack of education and a low level of knowledge, obesity and hypertension, smoking, depression, social isolation, low or no physical activity, and diabetes.

Today, the scientists believe that the possibility of developing dementia should be known even at a young age. Data on what factors can cause the developing disease will help to avoid it. Dementia prevention tactics are applied from an early age and should be followed throughout life. Performing its tasks is not difficult, and the results are always effective.

Lon Schneider, MD, believes that dementia currently covers large sections of the population and is often unaware of the disease. On average, around 50 million people worldwide are affected by that disease. The scientists predict that by 2050 the number of sick people will triple. Large increases can occur in low-income countries with weak economies.

Dementia is more common with women. But there are areas where the level of the disease has decreased in recent years. These are the USA, Great Britain and France. Experts attribute the fact to a significant decline in the elderly population.

Doctors strongly recommend monitoring your health in order to detect signs of dementia in the early stages. It is necessary to regularly measure blood pressure after 40 years, do not give up hearing aids if necessary, exclude bad habits, do sport, be outdoors more often and monitor your diet.