Raw vegan dough: it releases important vitamin B12 during its fermentation

Raw vegan dough: it releases vitamin B12 during its fermentation

The scientists have offered vegetarians a very interesting way to replenish the body with missing the B12 vitamins. It is found during the fermentation. For example, a dough made from flour of a special grain composition. Given that characteristics the researchers explain the easiest way to switch to a vegetable diet. The B12 vitamin is an essential micronutrient that the body needs. It is considered vital.

B12 is required for the maintenance of the nervous system and the formation of the blood cells. But that vitamin is only found in foods of animal origin. People who prefer vegetarianism to any other dietary approach should be aware of the mandatory intake of vitamin B12 that is produced exclusively by the industrial methods.

More often it comes in pill and dietary supplement form and is taken with food. But a more cost-effective alternative could be some way of enriching the B12 vitamin through the fermentation.

One of the most commonly consumed staple foods is grain. It is an excellent micronutrient enrichment agent. Dr. Chong Se of the University of Helsinki believes that these characteristics can be taken into account for the production of an important vitamin for people who refuse food of animal origin.

Dr. Chong Se used 11 different grain-based materials for the fermentation. This process took place with the help of Propionibacterium freudenreichii. It is the only microorganism on the planet that produces B12 and can be used in food.

Where can Propionibacterium freudenreichii be found? For example, it can be found in some types of cheese. But this primary microbe also has the ability to produce significant amounts of the B12 vitamin in most of the fermented grains. In an experiment conducted in the laboratory, the scientists used rice and buckwheat bran.

The three day fermentation process had a high production of the B12 vitamin.