Sleep is a continuation of reality: a study of 24 thousand dreams showed where dreams come from

А study of 24 thousand dreams showed where dreams come from

Sleep is an extension of reality. A fantastic assumption found a scientific explanation. The scientists analyzed over 24 thousand dreams and came to the conclusion that each of them is a continuation of a real day and real events. Based on these observations, they draw conclusions about where human dreams and fantasies come from. Early civilizations viewed dreams as manifestations of a supernatural or spiritual origin.

But in modern society, sleep is a part of the life process, it replaces wakefulness and gives strength to restore the body. The experts from the University of Roma Tre in Italy conducted a number of studies that can prove the hypothesis of the continuity of dreams.

It lies in the fact that most of the dreams are a continuation of the real life. A researcher Alessandro Fogli believes that everyday life is reflected in dreams. If during the day a person was under stress, anxiety, depression, then the dream will have a negative effect and a dark plot. If, on the contrary, the day was full of positive events, pleasant emotions, then dreams will have a similar character.

Even Sigmund Freud put forward a theory suggesting that any dream can be revealed in the context of real human experiences. Every dream has a psychological connotation. Modern psychotherapists take it into account and use the dream reports of their patients to find the symbols, meanings and facts that will help them in the treatment of psychological problems.

One of the popular similar systems is the The Hall/Van de Castle System. It organizes dreams in terms of dream characters. The system demonstrates the interaction of characters, on that the conclusion about the dreamer's state is based.

But the complexity of the system lies in the fact that it is necessary to sift through the dream reports in this system literally by hand, therefore the experts are looking for other algorithms for working with dreams. One of them is connected with the analysis of dreams that are in the public database, in DreamBank.

Having scanned about 24 thousand dreams, the researchers concluded that the dream is an extension of reality. It contains certain statistical markers that reflect the psychological state, dreams, experiences and attitudes to various situations.