In the future, the dishes made from jellyfish will be popular

Jellyfish will become popular seafood for restaurants

The scientists believe that in the nearest future, jellyfish may become the most popular seafood and become part of many exquisite demanded dishes. There is a special Red List that includes 32 thousand different species. All of them are endangered. Among them are birds, mammals, coral reefs, crustaceans. Some of them are traditionally human food, and are endangered, people do not realize it.

The researchers analyzed the state of industrial fishing and came to the conclusion that today about 100 species can be considered to be endangered. They are marketed as seafood legally. Leslie Robertson, who is a biologist at the University of Queensland, believes that many species are not getting the protection they need.

Despite the need to protect them from the outside world, their active catch continues. Over time, exotic fish served in a restaurant under various sauces may become unavailable, and jellyfish may take its place. It will be given seafood status and will become a nutritious food.

Jellyfish belongs to invertebrates. The scientists believe that jellyfish do not require labeling when caught and they can be included in supplies to various catering establishments. In order not to set consumers against jellyfish ahead of time, in cafes and restaurants dishes from them will be served under the guise of seafood dishes.

Today the seafood industry is an intricate supply chain from different countries. Most of the European countries, including Spain, Great Britain, Germany, were among the main importers of endangered species in terms of volume and value.

Expanding the concept of seafood by adding jellyfish to the list will save many endangered species and not reduce the supply of healthy and nutritious seafood.