Blue glasses will help to sleep: wearing them before bed will improve the quality and time of sleep

Blue glasses improve sleep quality in the evening

The period of a pandemic affects the health of people who comply with quarantine measures and isolation regimes. They began to spend much more time in front of televisions and computers. A new study by Indiana University shows that wearing blue glasses before bed can improve the duration and quality of sleep. Glasses with blue filters proved to be effective in improving sleep, work engagement, and various tasks.

The blue filters create a kind of physiological darkness, and thus improve both sleep time and quality. It is known that the screens of computers, smartphones, and tablets emit the blue light. Past research suggested that it disrupts the sleep.

People who use these devices become addicted to them. The period of the pandemic aggravated that dependence. But recently, it was discovered that using glasses with the blue filters is beneficial for those who spend a lot of time in front of the computer screen. The research expands our understanding of the circadian rhythm, a natural internal process that regulates the sleep-wake cycle and repeats approximately every 24 hours.

The researchers concluded that the blue filter effect is more effective for people who work late at the computer than for those who are busy with such work in the early morning. The scientists divided users into owls and larks, noting their different behavior.

The larks tend to work in the morning, while owls tend to work late in the evening. The research showed who is more profitable to use the blue glasses in this case. Good quality sleep benefits not only well-being workers, but also their employers.

The research proves the need to use cost-effective aids to improve sleep and improve productivity as a result. In a research experiment, the scientists analyzed data from 67 companies that employ a call center employee. Some of the participants were offered the blue glasses, while others were offered ordinary glasses.

Analysis of the experiment results showed that the productivity of those employees who used the blue glasses increased significantly within 10 days after their first use and subsequent constant wearing.