Oral antiseptics will kill coronavirus: peroxide and mouthwashes will help

Oral antiseptics will kill the coronavirus

The scientists discovered an amazing feature of oral antiseptics to eradicate the coronavirus infection. The research to prove that fact was conducted at the Pennsylvania College of Medicine. It turned out that some mouthwashes are capable of inactivating coronaviruses. Some of these beauty and health care products may be helpful in lowering viral loads after infection and in reducing the spread of SARS-CoV-2, the coronavirus that causes the COVID-19.

An immunologist Craig Meyers noted the importance of these experiments. According to him, testing of nasopharyngeal rinsing methods in laboratory conditions proved the ability to inactivate the infection of viral formations similar to the COVID-19.

These products contained a 1% solution of baby shampoo, a hydrogen peroxide-based mouth and nasal rinse. Some drugs have a high ability to neutralize coronaviruses, and therefore they can be a means of protection during a pandemic.

Until a stable vaccine is developed, the doctors will have to explore options to reduce transmission methods. Those products and goods that have passed positive testing are available and common in everyday life. The oral and nasal cavities are the main route through that the coronavirus infection enters the body.

During the experiment, the scientists used a solution of baby shampoo, several types of antiseptic rinse with peroxide in the composition to inactivate the virus. These solutions interacted with viruses for 30 seconds and had a devastating effect on the virus.

To measure the amount of inactivated viruses, the researchers used cultured human cells that came into contact with viral ones after being treated with solutions. A 1% solution of baby shampoo that is often recommended by the doctors for rinsing the sinuses, inactivated more than 99.9% of the coronavirus after two minutes of contact.

Several mouthwashes have also been effective in inactivating the infectious virus. Many have inactivated more than 99.9% of the virus in just 30 seconds of the contact.