Tea and berries will lower blood pressure: a diet high in flavanols will help your health

To lower blood pressure, scientists advise eating berries and drinking tea

The researchers recommend that people with high blood pressure consume tea, apples and berries as often as possible. They contain flavanols that lead to a decrease in pressure. The proof of the fact was the results of an experiment where almost 25 thousand people took part. The health effects of diet are being studied in the UK. Scientific data shows that people who regularly consume apples, berries and do not deny themselves the pleasure of drinking another cup of tea, less often than others, suffer from high blood pressure.

In contrast to other studies, in that case, the scientists did not rely on the relationship between nutrition and health, but rather on measuring the level of flavanol consumption. They used nutritional biomarkers, they are specific indicators of food intake and metabolism.

The difference in blood pressure between the patients with the lowest flavanol intake and those with the highest flavanol intake ranged from 2 to 4 mmHg. The greatest effect from the use of flavanols was observed in patients with diagnosed hypertension.

A nutritionist Gunther Kunle from the University of Reading noted that the new study is the first of its kind to provide objective insight into the relationship of certain foods to human health. A very significant association was found between the consumption of flavanols and the reduction in blood pressure.

And that experience will form the basis for the development of new therapeutic methods for treating patients who will be offered a special diet to reduce blood pressure. Foods that consume hypertensive patients should be saturated with flavanols. Their main sources are apples, cocoa, tea, berries.

The list of these products will gradually expand depending on the identification of new amounts of flavanols in food.