Mango will make women more beautiful: fruits help to remove expression lines in older ladies

Mango fruits help to restore youthfulness to the skin

Scientists discovered amazing features of mango. It turns out that these delicious fruits contribute to rejuvenation. At the very least, they reduce expression lines in older women. This is the conclusion reached by scientists studying the characteristics of mango fruits. They, like many fruits and vegetables, contain beta-carotene and antioxidants. Their feature is to slow the cell damage down.

The experts from the University of California conducted an interesting study that proves that regular consumption of mangoes has a number of benefits. Since both honey, pulp and mango juice help to reduce facial wrinkles in older women.

Most of all, that conclusion applies to postmenopausal women. They were asked to participate in the study by eating half a mango four times a week. They if the mango was on schedule, and then the scientists determined that the level of deep wrinkles on the face of the participants in the experiment decreased by 23% two months after the start of the study, and another 20% after four months from the beginning of the experiments.

Some of the facial wrinkles disappeared completely. According to Dr. Vivien Pham, such findings were very impressed by experts. Women who ate more than half of the fruit four times a week experienced an increase in wrinkles.

And it indicates that in some cases, the fruits are not as beneficial to health as they might seem. But if you adjust the dosage along with the diet, then an impressive result is observed when wrinkles not only decrease, but even disappear altogether.

The scientists say it is not yet clear why eating more mangoes causes the opposite effect. Perhaps it is due to the large amount of sugar in the fruit.

Reference: Fam, V.W., et al. (2020) Prospective Evaluation of Mango Fruit Intake on Facial Wrinkles and Erythema in Postmenopausal Women: A Randomized Clinical Pilot Study. Nutrients. DOI: 10.3390/nu12113381.