Utah Desert Metal Monolith Mystery: No One Knows Where It Came From

A strange metal monolith appears in the Utah desert

The biologists made a strange discovery. While exploring the territories of the Utah Desert, they discovered a strange object. It is an amazing monolith made entirely of metal. This object appeared in a strange way in the desert and it is unknown where it came from. Bret Hutchings is a helicopter pilot flied over the place in the desert where the metal monolith is located. According to him, the shine of a strange object appeared unexpectedly.

The pilot was forced to return to the place of his discovery in order to pay attention and to see better. The shiny object is about 3.5 meters high. Against the background of the natural landscape of the desert, it stands out very much, it is impossible not to notice it. Its location is deliberately kept secret to avoid crowds of curious people.

The scientists are wondering for what purpose that piece of metal is in the desert, so far from civilization. One speculation has to do with jokes about Stanley Kubrick's A Space Odyssey. Some of the fans could show their passion for the film in that way and install a monolith in the desert.

Today the scientists say that the location of the monolith had already been tracked by users of the World Wide Web through the Google application. And therefore crowds of people striving for a strange object in order to take a selfie against its background is just a matter of time. The experts advise to refrain from such a long and tiring journey, especially during the pandemic, especially not knowing what danger a metal monolith can pose.

According to the satellite imagery, this incredible object appeared between August 2015 and October 2016 and is located a short distance from what appears to be a trail. But local authorities argue that the monolith appeared much earlier, in the 60s of the last century, and was silent about it for a long time.

Perhaps the monolith was used for rare metal or concrete. And someone really dug him into the ground in the desert, but the goals of the event are not clear. Another version that is hotly discussed by different people, is associated with a possible alien trace: an alien mind left a monolith for the earthlings.