Second mysterious monolith appeared in Romania: it was discovered immediately after the disappearance of the first

In Romania, found the second strange mysterious metal monolith

In Romania, a unique event was recorded, the scientists cannot explain it yet. As soon as the mysterious metal monolith disappeared, which attracted the attention of researchers from different parts of the world, the second one immediately appeared. It was in the rocky landscape of Utah. The second was discovered quite by accident in the northern part of Romania. It is located far from mountain formations in a place inaccessible to people.

According to the researchers, the monolith appeared on the territory of private property, but who owns this site is still unknown. All the information available to this hour is related to the fact that the mysterious monolith is located in a protected area at an archaeological site.

It is near the town of Piatra Neamt in northeastern Romania. Not so long ago, the archaeologists discovered the remains of a historic fortress there. According to preliminary data obtained during the study of rocky formations, that fortress could have existed around the second century AD.

It was destroyed by the Romans. But the scientists are more concerned with another question how and why the metal monolith got there. In satellite images, the monolith appears hastily set up. Its surface is marked with uneven circular engravings.

Some marks are indicative of clear signs of recent excavations. The archaeologists are ironic on the topic, if the installation of the monolith is the work of aliens, then they clearly had a limited budget to declare themselves in this way.

Satellite data that recorded the previous monolith indicate that it was in the same location for at least four years before it was discovered. The scientists are considering the version that the monolith in Utah could have been the work of artist John McCracken or one of his fans.