Plant-Based Diet Will Lose Weight: A New Approach to Food Improves Metabolism

Plant food will save a person from extra pounds

The researchers collected ample evidence to support that plant-based diets can improve metabolism. If you reconsider your approach to nutrition, and add plant-based foods, then at least this will lead to weight loss. And the proof of that fact, which was previously recognized, was an experiment where overweight patients took part. The participants were randomly assigned, some of them were assigned to the control group.

For 16 weeks, they were offered a low-fat plant-based diet of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and beans with no calorie restriction. The control group did not change their diet. None of the participants canceled medications, if they were previously prescribed for some reason by doctors.

To calculate the number of calories burned after a meal, the scientists used indirect calorimetry. It was applied at the beginning of the study and at its end. The group that ate only plant-based foods increased their immediate post-meal calorie burn by 18.7% after 16 weeks.

In the second group, which was not considered a control, the level of calorie burning remained practically unchanged. These results are considered groundbreaking because they can significantly affect weight control in a variety of diseases.

According to the author of the study, Khana Kakhleova, in just 16 weeks, the participants in the control group of the experiment significantly reduced their weight, on average, the loss was about 6.4 kilograms.

Participants also experienced significant burning of fat mass and dangerous fat found around internal organs. That study was carried out by the specialists from Yale University. They also tracked myocellular lipids and hepatocellular lipids, fat stored in muscle and liver cells.

For that, the method of magnetic resonance spectroscopy was used. Those who ate plant-based foods reduced liver and muscle cell fat by 34 and 10%, respectively.