Hydrogen peroxide can be hazardous to health: disinfectants based on it are harmful

Hydrogen peroxide in disinfectants is hazardous to health

Cleaning surfaces with various disinfectants based on hydrogen peroxide, people do not suspect that they can harm their health. This product pollutes the indoor air. The experts from the University of Saskatchewan conducted a research on that topic and reported on the danger posed by hydrogen peroxide. If you add a solution based on hydrogen peroxide to the water for cleaning floors, it increases the level of that substance carried in the air by almost 60%. It can act for 8 hours.

What are the consequences? The scientists say that the use of hydrogen peroxide for domestic needs can lead to asthma, allergic diseases, irritation of the skin and mucous membranes.

The scientists created a model room with a vinyl floor that was treated with a hydrogen peroxide-based disinfectant solution. The floor was wiped down with a paper towel within an hour of wet cleaning. And then the level of hydrogen peroxide was measured in the air at the height of the average human height.

They found high concentrations of the substance. The scientists believe that people who often have to work with the substance, such as janitors and cleaners, are at greatest risk to health.

When cleaning floors, the highest concentration of hazardous components is at head level. When using peroxide to wipe down the countertops or cabinets, the ingredients are distributed at face level.

What is the effect of peroxide on children and on animals, the scientists cannot say, to answer that they have to conduct an additional research. Today, hydrogen peroxide is actively used to disinfect rooms and objects in connection with the coronavirus pandemic.

The researchers believe that it is necessary to reconsider their attitude to peroxide and find more optimal disinfectants.