Laboratory chicken to be served in restaurants: Singapore unveils new food technology

Artificial chicken meat created in Singapore

For the first time, grown chicken meat in laboratory conditions will soon be available in a restaurant. Singapore became the first country in the world to introduce organic meat without slaughter. The author of that unique development is the startup Eat Just. Its representatives said that expert control agencies approved the quality of the new product and authorized the sale of chicken nuggets based on artificial poultry meat.

This news was recognized as a breakthrough in the global food industry. Today, modern manufacturers are increasingly trying to find an alternative approach to the production of various food products and, above all, meat.

Startup director Josh Tetrick officially announced that the regulatory approval for meat cultivation will be one of the first in the world. The production and consumption of natural meat become an environmental problem for our planet.

Cattle farming is associated with a powerful greenhouse effect. And deforestation to make way for new farms and poultry farms threatens to destroy natural barriers to climate change. The demand for artificially produced alternative foods is increasing every day.

They have no environmental pressure from consumers and they have a natural plant base. When developing artificial poultry meat, the experts feared that it could be expensive and therefore unaffordable for most consumers.

But the company made significant progress in reducing costs. The price of the new chicken nuggets has not yet been announced, but soon they will be on sale in one of the elite restaurants in Singapore. Then, other products from the same line will be widely available, for example, artificially created chicken breast.