The Galactic Federation is watching the Earth: the former general from Israel is sure that the aliens are among us

Former general from Israel talked about alien control

The former Israeli general gave interviews to leading media outlets, saying that humans came into contact with aliens on more than one occasion. According to the retired general who led the Israel Defense Forces, 87-year-old Haim Eshed, who is now a professor, there is a Galactic Federation in the universe that monitors the Earth. Representatives of that federation, who are considered as aliens on our planet, are participating in a large-scale research project, the goal of which is to understand the composition of the Universe.

At one time, Eshed was the head of the space security service, and today he announced his readiness to remove the secrecy label from many events that he and his colleagues observed. According to Eshed, there is a secret alien base on the Mars.

The secret base of the Americans is also located there. The experts called Ashhed not the first high-ranking official who, with dubious evidence, is trying to talk about the existence of alien life and its impact on life on the Earth.

For example, several years ago, an astronomer Edgar Mitchell, who visited the Moon, made similar statements. According to the Israeli general, the scientific world changed a lot after the first meeting with the aliens.

Ashed says that if he had made such statements earlier, he would have been declared insane and hospitalized. Today he reinforces his words with his book ‘The Universe Beyond the Horizon - Conversations with Professor Haim Eshed’.

The experts believe that this work of authorship can cause many responses of a very different plan, both from the scientific world and from ordinary people. The scientists interpret the possibility of galactic control in their own way, and if that theory was previously voiced timidly, then the frank statements of the Israeli general require substantiated evidence and examples to confirm or deny that fact.