Coronavirus symptoms can last 6 weeks: they have no health risk factors

Symptoms of coronavirus can manifest themselves for 6 weeks

Symptoms associated with the COVID-19 disease can last for over 6 weeks. The scientists from Geneva found that symptoms have no health risks for the patients. Since the start of the pandemic, the coronavirus has been unpredictable for doctors and patients due to the variety and duration of symptoms. But it can be long-term, with some people reporting symptoms several weeks after infection.

The epidemiologists from the University of Geneva followed 700 patients with these manifestations. All tested positive, but did not require hospitalization. At 6 weeks after diagnosis, 33% of patients continued to complain of fatigue, weakness, shortness of breath, and loss of smell.

Despite the fact that, months after the start of the pandemic, the scientists received a lot of new data about the virus, some aspects of the disease still remain a mystery. In the spring, the unique COVICARE program was created, it monitors patients remotely. Such observations help to understand the evolution of the coronavirus.

According to epidemiologist Idris Hessous, 33% of 700 patients continued to have symptoms such as shortness of breath, weakness, and loss of taste or smell after six weeks. 6% reported persistent dry coughs and headaches. The virus brings not only physical suffering, but also moral anxiety, people worry how long their condition will last.

For such patients, a special medical consultation is organized, aimed at improving the health of patients and relieving them of constant anxiety about their well-being. To justify their fears, it is necessary to recognize the presence of symptoms that can persist for so long, the scientists say.

It requires a wide information campaign among the public and medical professionals, insurance companies. Everyone should understand that a patient who recovered from a coronavirus may still suffer from the symptoms that appear, and it is not a fiction and a lie, but a recognized scientific fact.