Antarctica gets ill with coronavirus: disease flares up on last pristine COVID-19 continent

Coronavirus cases identified in Antarctica

For a long time, the natural isolation of Antarctica prevented the coronavirus from spreading in this region. However, the territory also surrendered. It became known that an outbreak of the disease occurred on the last continent not affected bythe COVID-19. The scientists report the first 36 cases of the disease at a Chilean base. Among the infected were 26 military personnel and 10 civilian contractors.

Since the infection, all of them were transported to Pointe Arenas in Chile. Now their health is not threatened, doctors describe their condition as good. All sick men are under constant supervision of specialists.

The research station housed all those infected with the coronavirus, is one of thirteen active Chilean bases in Antarctica. According to the representatives of the Johns Hopkins University, 77.5 million people have been infected with coronavirus worldwide to date.

The Antarctic zone was considered to be the last region of the Earth where the COVID-19 was not registered. In winter, about a thousand scientists from different countries of the world stay and work there. The continent has remained free of the new virus and the need for social distancing measures longer than anywhere else in the world.

Most of the territory continued to interact with various services in the same mode that was used before the pandemic. The main differences were that interaction with tourists was stopped. The remote region has long been considered as special, and the scientists have been closely monitoring its status in terms of the occurrence of cases of coronavirus.

After the registration of the disease, the researchers say that now the entire globe is covered by a new disease that has to be defeated and a vaccine that could stop the spread of COVID-19 be developed.