Experts to investigate the origin of coronavirus: WHO representatives will visit China

WHO experts to investigate in China

The experts from the World Health Organization intend to conduct a full-scale investigation to find out the origin of the coronavirus. One of these days they will visit China for this. A little over a year ago, WHO received the first reports of mysterious respiratory diseases. Since then, over 90 million people have been infected with the new virus, almost 1.9 million of the planet's inhabitants have died.

According to one theory, the virus could have originated in a Chinese laboratory, but according to the scientists, it is unlikely. Much more data shows that COVID-19 may originated from coronaviruses infecting bats and lizards in Asia and Southeast Asia.

It was first introduced from bats to humans and may have been transmitted to Chinese markets. In record time, the scientists from around the world were able to develop vaccines, but they appeared at the peak of the pandemic. There is evidence that two WHO members who were already in China were denied an investigation.

WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said he was disappointed with the behavior of China, which did not finalize the clearance for experts to enter the country. “We strive to start the mission as soon as possible,” he said.

After criticism, the Chinese authorities approved the visit of specialists, stating the opportunity to exchange views with scientists and medical experts on scientific cooperation. New data on the origins of the coronavirus are significant.

If you do not understand how it began and how it developed, you cannot protect humanity from new epidemics. There are many other viruses that can circulate from animals to humans. Therefore, their detection and monitoring is recognized as the key to preventing future pandemics.

The WHO experts draw attention to the growing number of deaths and social upheavals caused by the COVID-19. For them, any details that indicate the beginning of the spread of the epidemic in the world are important.