The Coronavirus provokes mass psychosis: a new pandemic disorder

The Coronavirus provokes mass psychosis: a new pandemic disorder

The Coronavirus provokes psychosis. Against the backdrop of a pandemic, people develop another disease, which will not be easy to get rid of. Mental health will not be shaken by one person, and in the near future the help of professional psychologists will be very popular. Researchers from Origen University have evaluated the potential effects of COVID-19 on people's psychological health.

The results were shrill. In itself, a dangerous viral disease, the risk of contracting it, high mortality from the disease, strict measures taken in connection with quarantine measures - these and many other factors come together and affect the psyche of people in the most negative way.

Today, most residents of regions affected by the spread of the virus have psychological vulnerability. But after a short time, the coronavirus will provoke powerful psychosocial stress. A person with psychosis is a problem for society. The science rarely encounters a phenomenon as society with psychosis - but its consequences can be most catastrophic. To determine their risks, researchers turned to data from twenty years ago to identify the relationship of other epidemics with manifestations of psychosis.

Scientists believe that COVID-19 has become a stressful experience for everyone, and especially for people who have already had any mental health problems. The main difficulty lies in observing the isolation regime, and many of them have difficult situations in the family.

People with psychosis are a special group of the population, that’s very vulnerable in the current pandemic. The needs of such people are often ignored, and their mental health is deteriorating sharply. They refuse to comply with quarantine conditions, deny the concepts of physical distance, respect for their health.

They can cause deliberate harm to themselves or their loved ones. An important finding of the study was the fact that psychotic symptoms with COVID-19 can occur in a huge number of people. And in such situation, it will be simply impossible to restrain the infection control regime, quarantine measures and isolation requirements.

To rid the humanity of the negative consequences of the manifestation of mass psychosis, scientists oblige people to be more alert to the health of their loved ones, to show restraint and patience.