COVID-19 will never disappear: WHO experts believe that the coronavirus vaccine will not save

WHO experts believe that the coronavirus vaccine will not save

World Health Organization experts say that humanity has to come to terms with the fact that coronavirus will never disappear. Even if scientists develop an effective vaccine, the disease remains on forever. The rapid development of the pandemic has almost unnoticed the fact of measles outbreaks. In November 2019, an emergency occurred in the Independent State of Samoa. An outbreak of measles has been reported among children.

Fourteen small patients were connected to ventilators. The outbreak was short, but over 80 people died from the disease during this time. Their lives could be saved if a safe and effective vaccine was made.

But people died precisely because the vaccine was not given. And WHO experts are outraged by the “fashionable” trend, when people voluntarily refuse to vaccinate their children, believing that it is unhealthy.

This suggests that humanity will never get rid of COVID-19, even if a good vaccine is developed. Mike Ryan, WHO Executive Director for Health Emergencies, said that there is no any expert who can predict when the disease will stop. But there is great hope for the creation of a highly effective vaccine that everyone can get without exception.

And thus, science has a chance to destroy the virus and it is now working on this issue. The vaccine must be not only effective, but also affordable, so it can be used in all countries of the world to stop coronavirus infection. Previously, WHO experts said it might take from 4 to 5 years to learn how to control coronavirus.

Today they are not sure of the deadline that they have designated. And even the release of the vaccine will not be the day the spread of the disease ends. The vaccine has to be distributed around the world, and only after some time the results of its effects would be seen.

In addition, the world is still very vulnerable because most of the people on the planet have not yet been exposed to COVID-19. The percentage of infected people approached 10.