Pangolin was excluded from Chinese traditional medicine: the carrier of the coronavirus will be left in the wild

Pangolin was excluded from Chinese traditional medicine

China has taken action against the pangolin. That type of animal, according to official data announced the day before, was excluded from the list of representatives of the animal world that provide assistance in traditional Chinese medicine. Separate organs of that animal were used to prepare some kind of potion for non-traditional methods of treatment. Now their use is prohibited.

In addition, state-owned media in China report that the pangolin is now under enhanced legal protection by the state, since this species of animals has been threatened with extinction. The pangolins are also officially excluded from the official Chinese Pharmacopoeia along with some substances related to traditional medicine.

The pills containing feces of bats are also on the same list. They also belong to the type of unconventional drugs used to treat alternative methods. Now they are banned. In part, that situation is due to the fact that some time ago, the scientists from different countries of the world recognized the pangolin as one of the possible carriers of the coronavirus from the animal world to humans.

As you know, the virus was first registered in December last year in Wuhan, China. There is a wild market where they sell the meat of exotic animals and the exotic animals themselves. The pangolin organs in such a market are very expensive, they are actively used in alternative Chinese medicine.

But the modern scientists in other countries of the world say that drugs prepared from pangolin organs have no therapeutic value. After the ban on catching pangolin was introduced, the highest level of protection was organized for this animal in China.

That is not the first time China has introduced bans on the use of wildlife resources for traditional medicine over the past months. Authorities attribute such measures to the risk of disease spread. The World Wide Fund for Nature has said that it welcomes China’s move to increase the pangolin protection.