Mystery of unknown penguins: satellites recorded colonies of penguins that no one knew about

Mystery of unknown penguins

Mysterious colonies of the emperor penguins were unexpectedly revealed by the satellite studies. The data on the location were studied by researchers who made conclusions - science did not even suspect the existence of these colonies in that place. They live and breed in a site in Antarctica called the "mysterious ice continent." In the most remote and hard-to-reach part of Antarctica, the scientists have counted eight completely new, previously unexplored penguin communities.

Around the same place there are three more, which were previously identified on the planet and confirmed from the space. At present, the scientists know 61 points on the planet as the breeding and habitat of the largest penguin on the Earth, and that is 20% more than before.

But the good news hides something special: populations are in a habitat that is approaching a crisis due to the climate change, literally disappearing. The new discovery allowed science to conclude that together, previously unknown groups of penguins have increased their population on the planet by 10%.

It is assumed that the new colonies were not formed by chance. And the situation is related to climatic changes on the planet. Many colonies have been forced to change their habitat due to the warming, since this species is very sensitive to temperature changes.

A comparative analysis showed that if humanity does not change its attitude to the climate, then each of the newly identified new colonies will die out and completely disappear by the end of the current century.

This is the conclusion reached by biologist Phil Trathan from the British Antarctic Survey, having calculated temperature regimes and their effect on the body of emperor penguins. Last year, a study of all known emperor penguins predicted that 80% of colonies would have shrunk by more than 90% by the end of the century.