Hot Earth: scientists calculated the extent of warming and its consequences

Hot Earth: scientists calculated the extent of warming

The climatologists believe that the process of warming the planet will have its consequences. What they will become and when exactly they will happen, the experts from the University of New South Wales in Australia tried to answer these questions. The process of heating the Earth, on which the climate change on the planet is based, is associated with an excess of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

The observations on these changes showed that from about the mid-50s, the Earth warmed up by 0.8 degrees. The scientists call the vigorous activity of mankind the reason for the recent warming. The extent of future warming is still uncertain for a number of reasons.

The most important of these is determining the amount of carbon emitted by humans in the coming decades. Different areas are involved in it, these are: the economics, the politics, the industrial development, the attitude to waste processing. The scientists believe that there is no way to calculate changes in the temperature background for the coming months, let alone the coming decades.

But they were able to develop a sophisticated model of the Earth system to predict the future use of various carbon pollution scenarios. And discussing such drastic measures as burning all coal reserves or shutting down all coal-fired power plants in the world can really help solve the problem.

But the sensitivity of the Earth's climate to carbon dioxide is important, the scientists call it the "equilibrium climate sensitivity". That is a special temperature background an it is in the process of increasing for a steady doubling of the carbon dioxide concentration. The likely range of events is 1.504.5 degrees.

It means that when the Earth heats up 560 million parts, the planet's temperature will rise to a maximum of 4.5 degrees. The new study helped to assess the likelihood of this in detail and generate new numbers.

The probable range of temperature heating at the level of the background of carbon dioxide, that is now, will be from 2.6 to 3.9 degrees. It will take several centuries for the planet to adapt to the change in the rate of heat energy input, according to the experts.

To date, the planet moved halfway towards doubling the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Assuming a slowly increasing concentration without much political action from the world, it would mean that concentration will double to 560 ppm by about 2070.