The Earth becomes a greenhouse: it has not been observed on the planet for 50 million years

The Earth becomes a greenhouse

About 60 million years ago, our planet was hit by a powerful asteroid impact. The force of the explosive energy was matched to the explosion of about one billion nuclear bombs. For the Earth, that event did not pass without a trace: a huge cloud of ash and dust covered the sky. The period of death of plants and animals has come. Ancient sources made it possible to learn the story about tiny underwater amoeba-form.

Despite the destruction, they continued to reproduce, building strong shells from calcium and other minerals present in the water. As life ceased, each such fossilized shell became part of the ancient history of the planet.

The biologists have been studying them for decades. Thanks to the fossilized remains, they were able to determine the water level in the oceans millions of years ago, the carbon balance and the composition of the minerals in the water. The new study allowed the scientists to analyze the chemical elements that were found in thousands of fluoroplastic samples.

Based on the analysis, detailed data on the Earth for its entire past history were built. And it showed how terrifying the climate situation looks today. Over the entire period of its existence, the Earth has experienced four different climatic conditions that the scientists gave the conventional names, they are Warm House, Greenhouse, Refrigerator, Ice House.

All of them are a response to changes in the orbit plans, the level of greenhouse gases, changes in the length of the polar ice sheets. The graph of changes is presented in the form of a zigzag diagram that ends with a peak.

It refers to the current rate of anthropogenic change, it is a global warming. In fact, since the Cenozoic era, from a long glacier phase, our planet has turned into an intolerable hot environment. A research on the topic is being carried out by the employees of the University of California.

Professor James Zachos believes that predicted warming in the near future will be much more powerful than all previous changes on the Earth. The predictions indicate that the global temperatures will reach levels that the planet has not seen in the past 50 million years.