Nuclear facilities in India and Pakistan could be destroyed by powerful tsunamis

Tsunamis could destroy nuclear facilities in India and Pakistan

The scientists warn of a powerful tsunami of destructive force that could hit the northern Arabian Sea. The consequences of the phenomenon will be the most deplorable, tsunamis can seriously change coastlines. As a result of the disaster, the safety of nuclear installations in India and Pakistan will be at risk. The researchers observing weather changes on the planet believe that the tsunami will endanger not only the lives of several hundred thousand people living in these regions.

Both Pakistan and India operate nuclear power plants. They are installed along the entire coast. And it means that without new coastal infrastructure, they will be vulnerable and unable to withstand the elements.

The tsunami is expected to have the same impact as the disasters that occurred in Japan in 2011, when the destructive force of the waves caused the disaster at the Fukushima-1 nuclear power plant. Science knows the potential risks of a tsunami along the east coast of India. The scientists call the West Coast a blind spot.

It was considered as it until a group of scientists from several research centers analyzed all available records and came to the conclusion that seismic activity in the Arabian Sea could cause much more damage than previously thought.

M. Ramana, who is a global expert at the University of British Columbia, noted that he does not consider it reasonable to place nuclear reactors in areas prone to natural disasters. Installed dams cannot be effective enough to protect people.

They are able to shield part of the plant world from the water excess, but in general they are considered as economically disadvantageous, it puts the developers of the dams in a difficult position.

All nuclear power plants on the planet can be subject to serious emergency situations for internal technical reasons. But natural disasters are of much greater concern, as they have a powerful impact on nuclear reactors and can lead to safety shutdowns.