The alien move of the eel: it got out of the stomach of the heron that swallowed it

The eel got out of the heron's stomach unharmed

An unusual phenomenon in the world of wildlife was observed by the biologists. They managed to capture a flying heron, from the stomach of which the eel managed to make its way out. The heron moved through the air surprisingly calmly, and the eel dangled from a hole on its body. An amateur photographer from Delaware was able to capture the phenomenon. In fact, the eel decided to fight for its life after it became the heron's dinner.

The scientists say that it made a truly alien move, escaping from the stomach of a bird that had just swallowed it. Image by Sam Davis, an engineer in Maryland. According to him, a flying heron with an eel hanging from it attracted great attention of predators.

Several young eagles followed the bird through the air, and a fox ran along the ground, apparently hoping that the eel would fall to the ground or the heron would not survive and could not fly further. When Sam Davis noticed that strange flight, he thought that the snake surrounded the bird and hung on it. The man took out his camera and enlarged the image of the flying heron as much as possible.

From a distance, he took photographs, watching the heron fly, then landed on the water and took off again, and all this time the eel was hanging from the heron's body. All this time, the eel was arching the body, and therefore the engineer considered that the eel was alive.

Returning home and printing the pictures, the engineer found out that the snake did not bite the bird, the eel was partially inside the heron, and the bird seemed absolutely calm, as if nothing was happening.

The specialists from the Australian National Fish Collection at the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization CSIRO became interested in these images. According to the ichthyologist John Pogonski, such a phenomenon occurs extremely rarely in the wild, and even less often it can be observed.

He is the author of studies on similar behavior of eels and notes that the eel can escape from the stomach of predatory fish hunting it and such cases have been noted by science, for this they use their hard head or hard tail. But never before had there been situations when the eel leaves the stomach of a bird.