The year of hunger is coming: next year the world's population will face food shortages

Next year, the world's population will face food shortages

If the current year has marked itself with a global problem associated with the coronavirus pandemic that is rapidly spreading across the planet, then next year will have equally important difficulties. The experts believe that people will experience a lack of food. The head of the United Nations World Food Program formally voiced a message to humanity that has already been called terrible.

And the thing is that in 2021, dozens of states in different parts of the world will experience severe famine. According to the head of WFP, David Beasley, the world agency needs financial resources and needs to raise about five billion dollars more to prevent the spread of global hunger.

But besides that, it is necessary to collect another ten billion dollars. These funds are needed to purchase food for malnourished children who live in different parts of the world. Beasley believes that if it is not done, then in 2021 humanity will face a massive famine of biblical proportions. In his opinion, last year the World Food Program was able to prevent a potential crisis.

It happened due to the fact that the leaders of the world states increased funding. But funds are not enough for next year due to the current coronavirus pandemic. Nonetheless, Beasley pointed to WFP's recent Nobel Prize as a major push for publicity that heightened interest in the goals of the United Nations.

WFP plans to appeal to billionaires who become richer during the pandemic, with a request to intervene and provide financial support.

According to preliminary estimates, serious problems with food and nutrition may arise in 36 countries of the world. The experts say the next year is expected to be extremely difficult.