The Stromboli volcano terrifies with its unpredictability: the ash column exceeds 250 meters

Stromboli volcano throws out an ash column 250 meters high

The scientists are watching the eruption of the Italian volcano Stromboli in southern Sicily that has been showing increased activity over the past few days. The resulting eruption threw out a column of ash, its height exceeds 250 meters. That event triggered the formation of an avalanche of pyroclastic flows. Yesterday the scientists observed their descent, avalanches rushed down the slope of the volcano.

The explosion that took place, the experts considered more than strong. It was captured on video cameras and footage of a rare phenomenon of a volcanic eruption that ejected a plume of ash, instantly scattered around the world.

Videos shot with infrared cameras appeared on social networks. They perfectly demonstrate what is happening. The eruption begins with hot, powerful explosions, followed by a cool cloud of ash and gases, followed by streams rushing at great speed down the slope.

These are streams of incandescent ash and gases. Their scientific name is pyroclastic flows. As you know, the territory where the currently active Stromboli volcano is located belongs to the Aeolian Islands group. That volcano has three active craters.

The last eruption that was officially recorded happened in 2019. Then, as a result of a natural disaster, one person died and three received injuries of varying severity. Prior to this, the largest eruption of the Stromboli volcano occurred in 2009. In fact, the Stromboli is a volcanic island.

Its diameter is about two kilometers and its height is about 920 meters. It shows its activity very part. And almost every hour the volcano reproduces small bombs of ash and lava that are formed from its three craters. It is known that the eruption did not harm the nearby settlements. No human casualties have been reported yet.