Oceanographers found a giant accumulation of fish in places of famine: it is in the region from Hawaii to Mexico

Oceanographers have found a giant accumulation of fish in hungry places

The largest concentration of fish in the deep-sea areas of the sea was discovered by the oceanographers. The phenomenon is surprising in that large numbers of fish are found in deep sea areas with limited food. The territory stretches from Hawaii to Mexico. Research in that site is being carried out by the experts from the University of Hawaii at Manoa and the UK National Center for Oceanography.

Lead researcher Astrid Leitner noted that the observations surprised, first of all, the scientists themselves, since never before had such a huge number of fish been seen in a sparsely populated deep sea zone with limited food.

It's called Clarion Clippertont and stretches almost from Hawaii to Mexico. This site is conducting research related to the search for deep-sea nodules, which contain metals such as copper, cobalt, zinc and manganese. This underwater world is represented by seamounts, their peaks are 3 thousand meters below the surface of the sea.

They crown a deep seascape and are of particular interest to scientists as they are considered as poorly understood. During the expedition, the oceanographers took several samples from three seamounts in order to establish the ecological background for the start of further mining-related work. At one of the seamounts, they found a huge school of cutthroat fish.

They circled around the remains of a small mackerel. These underwater inhabitants were identified as a little-known species, since their numbers are considered as very small in their natural environment.

The scientists believe that seamounts can somehow support populations of some species much better than other ecosystems. After making the observations, the members of the expedition found that they documented the largest number of fish in one place in the depths of the ocean than ever before.

And it is almost twice the data of the last record. The oceanographers say that the depths of the seas and oceans are fraught with many more discoveries and wonders to be found and studied.