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Poison as a remedy for pain: an anaesthetic drug will be made from the poison of the tarantula

Poison as a remedy for pain: an anaesthetic drug will be made from the poison of the tarantula

Tarantula spider venom can be the basis for an excellent pain reliever. Scientists say: snake venom was considered dangerous for a long time until people learned how to use it for medical purposes. As a result, snake venom cures some chronic joint diseases. The same thing can happen with tarantula venom. It can be used to create a medicine that will relieve people of severe pain in certain cases.

This study is being done by experts at the University of Queensland. They reported that the poison molecules of this spider contain opioids. They are considered an excellent painkiller for patients with chronic pain.

Spider venom will help get rid of this pain without side effects and the risk of addiction. Opioid dependence is a serious risk for many patients taking drugs containing opioids. They can eliminate the pain, causing a strong addiction. In Europe, almost 100 people die every day from an overdose of opioids.

Millions of people live in constant dependence, fleeing from pain. And now a tarantula can help get rid of both pain and drug dependence. This is a dangerous spider, it lives in the rainforests of China and Vietnam. Small insects and rodents become their food.

Researchers have found that tarantula venom contains Huwentoxin-IV protein, which is associated with pain receptors in the body. Using a three-step drug development approach that includes this protein, its receptor, and the surrounding membrane from spider venom, scientists have altered the protein structure.

This has led to the potential blocking of pain in the absence of opioid dependence. The new method will be widely used in drug production.