Giant underwater volcano: it exists in the Aleutian chain of Alaska

Alaska's Aleutian chain may contain an underwater volcano

Alaska's Aleutian chain may have a giant underwater volcano. Its activity is capable of creating powerful eruptions with the most catastrophic consequences. The geologists talk about facts proving the existence of a volcano. In their opinion, the Four Mountain Islands, a small volcanic group of islands in the Aleutian Islands, are actually part of a giant volcano of the same type as Yellowstone.

One of the proofs is the images taken from the space satellite, taken in July 2014. The Four Mountains Islands is a volcanic archipelago located in the very center of the Aleutian arc. It includes six closely spaced stratovolcanoes, they are Carlisle, Cleveland, Herbert, Cagamil, Tana and Uliaga.

Over the past 20 years, Cleveland has proven itself to be one of the most sustainably active volcanoes in North America. It has eruptive activity, which is characterized by small explosions. Each forms an ash ejection, the column of which can rise to a height of 9 kilometers above sea level.

The study of its condition and the topic that assumes the existence of a giant underwater volcano, is being carried out by the specialists from the Carnegie Institute of Science. A researcher Diana Roman says that her colleagues have ample evidence to show that the islands are in a single interconnected caldera.

Stratovolcanoes have a distinctive feature, they open small cavities with magma, and the caldera is different in that it opens huge reservoirs of magma directly in the Earth's crust. Under the pressure, a huge amount of lava and ash is thrown to the surface, creating a powerful eruption episode.

They form a caldera and such eruptions are recognized as the most powerful and explosive on our planet, with global consequences. First of all, because the resulting ash and gas are spread over great distances in the atmosphere, affecting the Earth's climate and causing social upheaval.

If further studies of the existence of an underwater volcano find their confirmation, then it will become the first on the Aleutian Islands hidden by the water column.