The number of oak trees on the Earth is decreasing: a third of the trees of this species are endangered

Oaks endangered from the face of the planet

The future of many plants and animals is grim with the first full assessment of the risk of global extinction. The International Union for Nature provided a report that says that about 31% of all oak species on the planet are endangered. The report also highlights the spread of conditions and threats faced by 430 oak species around the world. The experts recognized these data as a road map for developing measures to preserve green spaces.

A third of all species of oak trees on the Earth may disappear in the very near future. This proportion of endangered species exceeds the levels of threats to mammals and birds. Areas where the threat of extinction of oak trees is most clearly manifested are Mexico, China, Vietnam, the USA.

Director of Global Tree Conservation at Arboretum Murphy Westwood noted that the planet has lost many species of oak trees over the past several hundred years, and this trend continues.

Today the first picture, which shows the state of oak trees on the planet, appeared. It empowers environmentalists to take informed action to save oak trees from extinction.

In one part of the planet, the key threats to these trees are invasive pests, diseases and climate change. And for the territories of Southeast Asia, the main threat lies in deforestation and urbanization.

The scientists recommend that arboretums, universities, government agencies around the world create a network of experts and special agencies that can influence the safety of trees.