Microparticles will be delivered to the body by antiviral inhibitors: they were created by scientists from Russia

Microparticles will be delivered to the body by antiviral inhibitors

Microparticles with the exact delivery of antiviral inhibitors - they were created by scientists of the Tomsk Polytechnic Institute of Russia in collaboration with researchers at the University of Montana (USA). These microparticles can be delivered exactly to the specified location by inhibitors that disable inflammatory processes. Inhibitors are a special class of substances that can delay certain physiological processes in the body. They act on enzymes and therefore they should be carefully selected as a key to the lock.

Russian researchers from TPI received promising inhibitors. They have high biological activity. They can inhibit the functioning of the enzymes IQ-1 and IQ-1E. Based on this development, scientists want to create medicine. It will be prescribed to patients after strokes and heart attacks to minimize the effects. The authors of this work are Eugene Bolbasov, Andrey Khlebnikov, Anastasia Lavrinenko, Sergey Tvrdokhlebov.

Inhibitors combine well with JNK enzymes. But they are poorly soluble in water, and this is typical of synthetic biologically active compounds. This means that inhibitors can be introduced into the body in the form of a solution. Russian scientists took this into account and developed a “delivery route” of inhibitors in a specific area of the body. For this, the inhibitor molecules were placed in tiny capsules. They are made of biodegradable material. But the inhibitor can be used not only as a solution but also as tablets or suspensions.

Anastasia Lavrinenko, one of the authors of the development, says: "We found the possibility of delivering the inhibitor to a specific part of the body so that the inhibitor works where needed." Tiny inhibitor capsules are made from a material based on lactic and glycolic acids. In the body, the material decomposes without harm. The action of the capsules was investigated by scientists at the University of Montana (USA). They tested the biological activity of neutrophils that were taken from human blood.

Andrei Khlebnikov, one of the authors of the development, says: “Synthetic compounds are the basis of modern medicines. Such drugs are very effective, but they do not dissolve well. The system we proposed took into account these factors and expanded the possibilities of using anti-inflammatory inhibitors. ”

Based on this system, you can create drugs that will be delivered to the desired area of the body for the treatment of inflammatory processes.