A synthetic biology will change a person: it will cure the coronavirus and a hangover

A synthetic biology will change a person

John Cumbers is the founder and CEO of SynBioBeta. It is a global network of mutually operating biological engineers and entrepreneurs. All of them are engaged in promising new projects. At a meeting with reporters, John Cumbers spoke about them. Among the projects are completely new unique methods of treating various diseases, including the coronavirus infection.

According to Mr. Cumbers, all proteins and nucleotides in the human body are synthesized. And therefore, the concept of “synthetic biology” is quite natural. But it gave a new impetus to the science, that learns to read, write and edit the DNA, thereby facilitating the development of biology.

This makes it possible to create interesting innovations, from food to fuel and medicine. For example, engineers created hardware to detect potential drug-grade antibodies against the COVID-19 virus. And another group of engineers is creating a drug for a hangover based on probiotics.

To do this, the scientists have changed the composition of intestinal bacteria, focusing on a specific enzyme that breaks down the aldehyde, which is a by-product of alcohol metabolism. If aldehyde is present, it can cause swelling, inflammation of the blood vessels, and toxic poisoning of the body.

Another development of the scientists is producing an oil from the algae. For this, a special gene expression system has been developed. This even made it possible to create a line of products such as skis made of special foam, they are lubricated with algae oil.

But the possibilities of synthetic biology do not end there. With its help, you can solve the climate crisis. All carbon emissions, according to engineers, can be turned into carbon biological fuel. Thay line of science has many ideas that can change a person’s future for the better.